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    contemporary art 

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    1. Cashier: *dies at register*
    2. Customer: are you open
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    See no evil.

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    a few shots from yesterday/last night…
    wells of Mimir revisited—passive drawing
    * imagine these as 2’ cubes of ice on 20’ of canvas (instead of 2” cubes on 20” of paper) and you’ll get a sense for where this is headed

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  6. I’m really happy with how my art blog theme turned out. Did a few tweaks and was able to utilize the miniscule amount of html I remember from high school haha. Always a proud moment. I will still be posting art here, but this blog will be solely art, more of a portfolio. I’m starting my first semester as an SJSU Animation student on monday! So damn psyched!! Be ready for a lot more art, as I’m taking three art classes for the first time ever. So. Pumped.

    Anyways, follow my art blog if you haven’t already! I think that’s what this post was supposed to be about…

  7. Idk what dis is

  8. june 2013
    aug 2014


    heyyy look i improved a lil. somebody pour me a mimosa

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  9. audreybenjaminsen:

    I read Neil Gaiman’s “Ocean at the End of the Lane” this summer, and It completely got me back into reading. 

    This is my interpretation of one of the “Hunger Birds,” the willfully aggressiveworld devouring varmints. When something is out of hand, or out of place, they devour.

    They are the Cleaners. 

    The image of them was so clear to me, that I couldn’t help but try to put it on paper. 

    I also read that Focus Features will be adapting this story into a film that will be produced by Tom hanks and directed by Joe Wright. I would very much love to be a part of that. 


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