1. kendra-p:

    "I’m going to have to eat every fucking chicken in this room." 

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  2. sorry-ari:

    It’s exactly what you think it is and you need to listen to it.

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  3. thefiveandten:

    aww shit

    she did not

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  4. e-m-e-t-t:


    For Concepts Class: Illustrate a nonphysical word. The class had to try and guess it. 

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  5. tysonmurphy:

    I took a screenshot from Sword in the Stone and painted over it a little bit.  Really fun way to jump right in and practice lighting.  Hope I get some time to do more of these!

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  6. Bo Burnham on The Pete Holmes Show - 3/5/14

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  7. algenpfleger:

    Here’s steps for a painting that was pretty defining for me as an artist. It’s a bit older now, but still gives me feels and feels belong on a tumblr. Took three or so days I believe, all from imagination.

    Holy shit

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  8. "Why do you always draw women?"
    “Shut up. Go away. You’re not my real mom.”


  10. hipster-trichster:





    words i use in every sentence:

    • no
    • stop
    • dude
    • literally
    • like
    • seriously
    • fuck

    That’s a sentence right there

    Forwards and backwards

    You can rearrange them in any order and it’ll be a sentence

    ladies and gentlemen the extensive vocabulary of tumblr

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